in january of 2015, lyndsay maver opened a small studio space which she named the plant shack. the plant shack is located on the north shore of boston, in gloucester, massachusetts. here she sells a variety of plants, and specializes in creating unique succulent and cacti ——. she also carries an eclectic collection of  jewelry, vintage goods, vessels for planting and whatever she has picked up from travels. the plant shack also hosts "pop up" events which feature different local artists. 

in 2019, the plant shack joined forces with lyndsay’s sister erica’s store, establish, located in san francisco. the girl’s stores have a similar aesthetic but are on opposite coasts. while lyndsay’s focus is more on vintage home goods, erica focuses on vintage clothing. the girls are excited to combine each of their styles to make an exclusive online shop for you.  please visit our online shop to view our growing inventory!